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Tuesday 2 October 2018

iKON COMEBACK (New Kids : The Final)

Hello readers.
Long time no update, and i hope everyone fine~

Btw, iKON is back~ i'm blessed to hear their voice and i falling in love with their song once again.

Please support iKON, they're a great,awesome,talented artist. I love all song in their full album comeback, i hope i can go to their concert soon (i need to spend harder so i can attend their concert next year,)

The lyrics is so deep and all the song in album is deabak~~

And the member are,




Bobby 😍



Hanbin (Leader)

*Fact Bobby and Hanbin write the lyrics

Goodbye Road by iKON mv:

New Kids: The Final (full song)

Thats all 😘😘