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Thursday 28 November 2019

Topic 2 : Healthy lifestyle

Hi everyone.
How are you'll? I hope everyone fine.

Today topic is about healthy lifestyle.
Actually several weeks ago I do yoga and when I check my weight i loss 2kg (57kg to 55kg). I don't think that my weight loss is because yoga only but I also limit my food. The limit i talk here is after 8.00 pm (before 5 or 6 hours I sleep), I don't consume any food. 

Yess I felt happy because of the weight loss but this week and maybe next week I don't think I will do yoga because I have a lot to do. BTW I hope everyone that have plans to change lifestyle for a good health I think you can do yoga for 25 or 30 minutes and consume healthy food such as vegetables and fruits. 

Hopefully my target to have 50 kg or 51 kg will success before the end of this 2019. I had to lose 3 more kg to have my ideal weight. That's all for today.

Bye and jomm change our lifestyle for our healthy. 

Video yoga :
Good luck everyone!!