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Wednesday 26 December 2018

Secebis kata #5 : December taught

Hello readers.

Long time no update because of busy semester. But today i writing again for my healing time. p/s : i write to speak what on mind right now.

Actually, next week i will sit an examination. I can't focus to study because i miss home. I miss my family, my mom, my dad, and lil bro and sis. I'm so sad because i can't celebrate Christmas day with my family but i know they always remember me here. I know as a student and as a daughter i need to do my best because my mom and my dad always trust in me. They always there for me, without them i can't do anything. I missed them so much but i'll do my best. 

As time slowly passed, i'm find myself improve many thing. I can see my process to reach my goal,it's still lacking but i know someday i'll became an amazing person to myself and of cos my beloved family.

And after this year (2018) ended, i'm not 22 years old anymore, i'm 23 years old. I have a mixed feeling. I'm not ready to became adult with many responsibilty but yeahh it's the fact and i need to accept it.

Last from me, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019. May this year u had an amazing year and next year will be a blessing year to u'll.

Thats all, bye.

See so when i see you.