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Friday 1 January 2021

Page 1 of 365 : Grateful

I always forget to be grateful to God when i overly excited or exhausted. When i over excited all i remember is to celebrate that day with something fun to do and when i feel so exhausted i keep whining how bad the day is. 

But today i want to be grateful to God for giving me a chance to breath on day 1 of 2021. Thanks God for everything today, for my health condition, food and even the activity i do. Thanks also for giving me and my family a chance to still breath on this beautiful world. I really thankful for everything today!! May this year full with laughter and happiness especially to my family and myself too.

Eventhough there is a time i forget to be grateful for this life, i hope that day is not always happen. I hope that i always be grateful in everyday of mylife. Anyway, today i learn how to cook 'Kuih Angku'. For  first timer i can say that the 'Kuih Angku' was okey la, i give myself 3/5 star. Thanks to the person who uploaded their video of them making the 'Kuih Angku' on YouTube. I really appreciate it and because of it i finally know how to make 'Kuih Angku'. It's so simple and the ingredient also not so many to use.

Lastly, day one of 2021 ended with me getting a new knowledge of making 'Kuih Angku'.

That's all for today. 
Adioss see you tomorrow πŸ’š

Happy New Year 2021

Tak sangka tahun 2020 dah sampai ke penghujungnya dan lembaran kosong bagi tahun 2021 pun telah dimulai. Time flies so fast!! Like 2020, this new year 2021 also i have a plan/wishes that i pray will come true. 

I will try harder to become a wonderful person i wanna be and proud to be and doing my best in everything! and always remember to be thankful and grateful especially to God. 

I pray that 'c virus' will completely disappear in this world. Amen. 

Anyway, i will list 10 plan/wishes for future reference:

1. Read atleast one book in a month, so total (min) 12 books a year!

2. Do exercise regularly.

3. Eat clean.

4. Before go to bed forgive everyone that make myself hurt.

5. Start earning! 

6. Get an interview from SPP.

7. Wake up before 7am.

8. Learn to bake (cake,  biscuit etc) 

9. Learn toπŸ’ƒ 

10. Most importantly always remember to pray everyday!! 

That all for today.