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Monday 11 May 2020

A word of a day 4 : Planning

Hi everyone.

It's start 4 years ago when i came to university to study and now i finally finished my student life in university. Yeahh, i don't have to attend classes anymore or doing assignment last minute etc but i'm sad because actually i already had a plan of what i'm doing after my study ended. I want to work, make money and give back to my parent. But in this situation right now it's not easy to find a job. Well i know some of you maybe think like 'well find other opportunity, do work from home, don't just whine, you just to lazy, or bla bla bla'. I know some of you think like she's so 'manja' or 'memilih '.NO you really don't know if you think like that. As a fresh graduate (eventhough there's not convo yet but still) i hope i can grow well in working industry. Right now, I feel useless because i do nothing like not literally do nothing but well i just feel like i'm wasting my time. But i know in this situation right now (Covid19) i need to be patient. Eventhough what i planned not going well, i trust in God that soon it's gonna be okay. So i hope everyone each of us please please take care of yourself. Don't do what can harm us and other from virus Covid19. I beg whoever read this to do exactly what the goverment had tell us to do. I'm sure we, especially Malaysian citizen can do it.

Back to topic again, not all that we planning in life can exactly be the same or on time. Be prepare and sure be strong too. Waktu Tuhan tiada yang mustahil, just doing your life with happiness and worry less okay. Put your trust in God. Everything gonna be okay. It's okay to be sad, take your time and after that stand again and do what your mind and heart want. Don't give up.

Thats all for today, bye.
Much love XOXO

A word of a day 3 : Forgiveness

Hello, hi readers.

It's 2.09 am already, but i still can't sleep so i think better i update my blog with new content. I'm hoping today content give you an inspiration. Btw, today i wanna share you about 'forgiveness'. Why I choose this word? Actually it's also a reminder for me in future to forgive someone who hurt me badly.

Forgive someone who hurt us badly is not easy because the hurt we get from that person can harm our mental or physical. Not only that, we can also get trauma from the situation so why should us forgive that person? Why must we be kind to forgive that person? If we forgive the person who hurt us can we guarantee that he/she will not doing his/er behavior again?

I also cannot forgive someone so easily. It's one of my bad habit (flaw) but when i not forgiving someone who hurt me i always feel something missing in my heart especially and my day turn to be very bad day. My routine in a day became less effectively. So in conclusion, i change my habit little bit little by forgiving who hurt me before i'm going to sleep or a day end. It's not easy but surely i can do it.

"Forgive, and you will be forgiven", isn't is beautiful. So let us forgiving everyone who hurt us before going to sleep. This also can heal our mind. Be kind and brave enough to forgive. It not easy but for sure it's for our own good too.

That all for today.
See you when i see you, bye.

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Saturday 9 May 2020

A word of a day 2 : Tears

Hi readers.

In this midst to heal the world (people, etc) from Covid19, be healthy and don't forget to take care of yourself ok. We help our frontliner by not doing something that can harm ourself and other #HealtheworldfromCovid19

Btw, today I like to discuss about 'Tears'. Why i choose this word? Sometimes i shed tears not only because i feel sad but happy too. Tears content many meaning. I shed my tears because i feel sad, i shed my tears because i feel happy, i shed my tears because i feel worry, i shed my tears because i feel bad, i shed my tears because i feel wrong, i shed my tears because i feel sick and many more.

So, it's okay to cry because when we cry it's one way to express ourself more. Tears that falling from our eyes can heal us from the problems that we had. Tears that falling is not a sign that we give up in life or getting negative vibe but it can be that we will be okay soon, we will get up again and doing what we love many more.

For everyone that shed tears because having a bad day or month or years, it will be ok soon. To my dearself i hope i will get more stronger to live this life. Cry as more as you want and if you still need to cry the next day just cry dearself. Each of us have different stories in life but one for sure we live in this world to live the life that we want and a reminder from me don't forget to pray and thank God everyday.

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Friday 1 May 2020

A word of a day 1 : Healing

Hi readers. 

Today first day of May 2020, I will start my blogging 'A word of a day'. This blog about describing a word based on my daily life or opinion and it's not about giving an actual meaning (dictionary) of the word.

So today the word that I like to discuss is 'Healing'. People that deeply get hurt from a relationship, trust, friendship and many more need to heal their self to get up from that situation. Healing is a part of process to grow yourself to become stronger person. 

It's not easy to heal yourself, but when you get a support from important people around u such as family, bestfriend it's more easy to heal because you know there is people that still care about you. Don't shy to seek help from your family or friends if you need someone to hear you problem.

Healing from broken relationship, trust or friendship were never easy but once you heal yourself your will get stronger than before. An example for healing (in my opinion) is reading or watching an inspiration story. Like me, when i not happy with myself I will search a inspiration story or quote to remind myself I worth it. Beside from getting advice from my family, watching inspiration story help me from getting away a bad situation. So, my way to heal myself was reading or watching inspiration story.

Well, I know each of us had experienced the healing process in our difficult life. So feel free to share your healing process in the comment section below.

Love from me, XOXO 

See you when i see you, bye.