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Monday 10 September 2018

Recommend song - Beautiful Feeling by DAY6

Hello readers.

I hope everyone fine and have a awesome day. Thank God i'm fine.

Today my recommend song is ''Beautiful Feeling" by DAY6. Actually it's my first time listens their group song. I always see their mv in my YouTube as a recommendation but i never see it. And a few minute ago i see their new mv and listen it and i love it so so much. First time dengar and terus i tersuka~

Why i recommend this song?
The melody@music is LIT and the mv is deabak too

Here the link :


Thats all,

Sunday 9 September 2018


Hello readers.

I hope everyone have a great day.

Btw, today recommend song is from Epik High ft Sekai No Owari "Sleeping Beauty".

As i listened to this song i feel in love with the music and the lyrics and of cos the artist too. Everything is so beautiful. This song is so meaningful and have so much emotion. It make me shed my tears a little because the music is so great.

And in my opinion, i think this music is about a relationship that always grow up and care about the one that he love 'till the end of his life. 

Btw, the link is here :

Thats all,

Goodbye home, Welcome back new semester


How are you? Hopefully everyone healthy and have a awesome day. 
Thank God i'm still fine~

Btw, tak sedar cuti 3 bulan dah habis, esok pula balik semula ke Perak untuk teruskan pengajian berbaki 2 tahun. Hmm, 3 bulan lamanya bercuti tetapi masa terasa cepat sangat berlalu and i will miss my family so much. My lil sister and bro and of cos my mum and dad to. *this year too, i'm feel so sad can't celebrate Christmas day with my family

Tak sedar dah 4 sem berlalu and i'm still struggling to survive far away from my family. I will try my best to achieve my dream and make my parent proud and become a role model to my lil bor and sis. I pray to God to always lead my life. Amin

And, i always thank to my big supporter my dad and mom to trust me and give their best to help me achieve my dream. I pray to God they will stay healthy and one day i will make them proud of me. Goodbye again, see next year. You two always in my pray.

Last but not least, this day the wheater was so hot and it can make healthy issue, please don't forget to drink more water to assure you healthy.

 'Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower' 
by Hans Christian Andersen

Thats all for today, bye 
and see you when i see you.

Thursday 6 September 2018

Legend Girls' Generation are back with Sub-Unit Oh!GG


How are you? Hopefully everyone fine.
Btw, long time no update and of cos i miss to blog and talk about random topic. And thank to God i'm still breathing.

Girls' Generation (Sub-Unit Oh!GG)

Back to title, today i will talk about the new comeback from one of girl group legend (K-Pop). And they are Girls' Generation. Eventhough, it not full of them (yah because it's sub-unit Oh!GG that consist Taeyeon, YoonA, Sunny, Hyoyeon and Yuri) but still their song always lit. Legend never dies. (i miss OT9 & OT8)

Taeyeon and Sunny voice were the best, YoonA visual never get old, Hyoyeon dance skill was deabak and Yuri rap was wow. And their mv was Boom!!

Check their mv here :


Thats all for today, see you again soon.