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Friday 30 April 2021

Motivational quotes for myself

1) The way you speak to yourself matters 

2) Your current situation is giving you an opportunity to re-evaluate what you want

3) Self doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will

4) Small steps are also progress 

Monday 12 April 2021

Spoiler alert to anime fans: Is Attack on Titan ended great?

Hello readers. Long time no update.

Anyway, Attack on Titan (manga) officially ended last week. Actually, i don't read manga so i don't want to know the ending yet but because the news about AOT is everywhere i finally ended seeing it too and i'm crying really hard because one of my favorite character was died. He died leaving hope of freedom for paradis island. But what more sad is he actually want to live with his love one, he's crying for help but because there is no other option he's ended dying. He also choose his path like that because of how bigger his love for someone that he love and care much. And he is Eren Yeager, the man who fought for freedom until the end of his life.

So is AOT ended well? For me, 50 yes 50 no. The reason for 50 no is because the protagonist dead, that it. Btw, I will wait next year to see if i think AOT ended well or not. Maybe there is different ending for anime fans? jk..😭

Anyway, final eps for (animation) season4 part2 will be airing on next year. I hope the graphic animation will back like season1,2,3 because i don't really like the season4 part1 graphics, it's a great storyline but not really exciting to watch.. 

          Eren Yeager when he still young😭