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Tuesday 12 March 2019

You are the best version of urself 💖

Hello readers.
How are you? I hope everyone is fine. BTW it's 00.41am when I write this.

First of all, yesterday schedule is busier than other days because I have to attend three classes. I'm so so tired. But the last class which is volleyball is so fun 💜

Yesterday lessons that I got was trust urself because only u knows what u can do best. I have always doubt myself. Can I do it? Am I confident enough to do this? Do I have do to this? Everytime my confidence level turn down I felt so useless. I think myself is not good enough. And today I promise to change my mentality that I must trust myself more. I must love myself by not make myself think that I'm useless because I'm the best version of myself. 

Last but not least, I want y'all to think and say to urself that u're star in ur own life. U're a superhero to urself. U can do everything u want to do because it's what u want and it's ur life to live 🌟 

See u when I see u. 
Take care everyone and byee

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