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Monday 7 October 2019

Treat yourself like you matter and loved

Hi hello, as time passes finally i'm back again.

'Treat yourself like you matter and loved'

As i'm getting older, i really don't care about other except my feeling and of cos my family too. I tend to be selfish because nobody treat myself better than i am. So here i am grow my selfiness because no matter what it's me who live my life. But as i grew my selfiness, i also grow my feeling to my family who always be my backbone in my life. Thanks to them i can be who i am now and thanks to them because i grow stronger everyday.

Yes i'm weak. I have many weakness but one thing for sure i really don't see my weakness as a problem. I think because i had this weakness i grow stronger today. Maybe sometimes i think about my weakness as a troublesome in mylife too. Yaa sometimes i think about it, but i always remind myself that whatever weakness i had in mylife God always there to help me. God never leave me behind. So I thank to God everyday because God is my number one supporter.

I hope whoever reads this please treat yourself matter and loved. Whatever problems ur surface in life don't shy to ask for help. Be selfish but be kind too. Help yourself before ur help other. 

Lastly, treat yourself like you matter and loved. Thanks.

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Bye and see u soon.