Saturday, 26 January 2019

Vote JU-NE (iKON) in PhotoCard APP for BIRTHDAY ADS

Hello readers.

Ju-ne of iKON had been selected by PhotoCard APP to be one of other participants for BIRTHDAY ADS (March). As an iKONIC we need to vote Ju-ne to make sure he's can get special gift (BIRTHDAY ADS) when his birthday come. You can download this 'PhotoCard' APP at Play store 

Step by step to using this APP to vote Ju-ne (iKON) :






Thats all for today πŸ’—
And see u soon.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

My goals for 2019 πŸ’‹

Hello readers.

Today I will list my goal @ what I want to do this new year, 2019 and keep it here.

1.) Flawless face
2.) Using socmed for only 2 and a half hours a day + 1hours for movie, drama = 3 and a half hours
3.) iKON matter for a half hour πŸ’‹
4.) Exercise for thirty minute
5.) Focus on my goals more
6.) Always thank to God (first priority πŸ™)
7.) 50kg (current weight 58kg)
8.) Save RM1 for a day
9.) ....

The list will be continue. For now that's all my goal@what I want to do. When I have new goals I will update back. 

*BTW, a little info about one of my happy pills Kim Hanbin aka BI leadernim, lyricist, producer, singer, rapper for iKON. I really like him for always do his best. I respect him so much. He's such hard working person, artist that I know. And he write and composed phenomenal song on 2018 'Love Scenario' πŸ’œ

Kim Hanbin aka BI 
cr : owner 

That's all for todayπŸ’ž

Monday, 7 January 2019

I'M OK by iKON

Hello hello long time no update.

iKON had released new song entitle I'm OK. I'm so excited because they were my happy pills. The mv concept was 'Man in Black Suit' (OMG they look melt my heart) and I can related the lyrics ecspecially Kim Jiwon aka Bobby part~

I'm ok, I don't want to hear any hopeful words. 
I can hardly fall asleep because the reality is too difficult to handle.
I tried to find things that can fill me up, which eventually turns out to be drinks. 
I become indifferent to any situations.
Even though I'm better off by myself, loneliness hits me from time to time. 
Even though I want to do many different things, I become lethargic.
My answer will always be a huge smile if anyone asks how I'm doing.

Well yaa  one of them said (sorry i forgot who) the story tell I'm ok but inside actually not ok. So listen I'm OK by iKON here :

Thats all, 

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Secebis kata #5 : December taught

Hello readers.

Long time no update because of busy semester. But today i writing again for my healing time. p/s : i write to speak what on mind right now.

Actually, next week i will sit an examination. I can't focus to study because i miss home. I miss my family, my mom, my dad, and lil bro and sis. I'm so sad because i can't celebrate Christmas day with my family but i know they always remember me here. I know as a student and as a daughter i need to do my best because my mom and my dad always trust in me. They always there for me, without them i can't do anything. I missed them so much but i'll do my best. 

As time slowly passed, i'm find myself improve many thing. I can see my process to reach my goal,it's still lacking but i know someday i'll became an amazing person to myself and of cos my beloved family.

And after this year (2018) ended, i'm not 22 years old anymore, i'm 23 years old. I have a mixed feeling. I'm not ready to became adult with many responsibilty but yeahh it's the fact and i need to accept it.

Last from me, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019. May this year u had an amazing year and next year will be a blessing year to u'll.

Thats all, bye.

See so when i see you.

Monday, 1 October 2018

iKON COMEBACK (New Kids : The Final)

Hello readers.
Long time no update, and i hope everyone fine~

Btw, iKON is back~ i'm blessed to hear their voice and i falling in love with their song once again.

Please support iKON, they're a great,awesome,talented artist. I love all song in their full album comeback, i hope i can go to their concert soon (i need to spend harder so i can attend their concert next year,)

The lyrics is so deep and all the song in album is deabak~~

And the member are,




Bobby 😍



Hanbin (Leader)

*Fact Bobby and Hanbin write the lyrics

Goodbye Road by iKON mv:

New Kids: The Final (full song)

Thats all 😘😘

Monday, 10 September 2018

Recommend song - Beautiful Feeling by DAY6

Hello readers.

I hope everyone fine and have a awesome day. Thank God i'm fine.

Today my recommend song is ''Beautiful Feeling" by DAY6. Actually it's my first time listens their group song. I always see their mv in my YouTube as a recommendation but i never see it. And a few minute ago i see their new mv and listen it and i love it so so much. First time dengar and terus i tersuka~

Why i recommend this song?
The melody@music is LIT and the mv is deabak too

Here the link :

Thats all,

Saturday, 8 September 2018


Hello readers.

I hope everyone have a great day.

Btw, today recommend song is from Epik High ft Sekai No Owari "Sleeping Beauty".

As i listened to this song i feel in love with the music and the lyrics and of cos the artist too. Everything is so beautiful. This song is so meaningful and have so much emotion. It make me shed my tears a little because the music is so great.

And in my opinion, i think this music is about a relationship that always grow up and care about the one that he love 'till the end of his life. 

Btw, the link is here :

Thats all,