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Monday 3 August 2020


As i getting older, i realize that i've to stand on my own. I need to be brave to do something new and it's all for my own good. All my anxiety about life become more real. I think that i'm not mature enough to live this life. I have this feeling inside me that questioning my future like 'if i can survive in this battle of life?'. I'm worry about my future. I don't know what gonna happen to my life. I become hopeless. I just want a confirmation about my future life but it's still blur and i hope this is only temporary. Wish i can see a bright future of mine soon. (same goes to all of you that still struggling right now)

I know all of us have worries in life but for sure all is good when we put God first and i want to share this wonderful quote that i read from a online book (i forgot the title) 'yesterday already pass, we don't know what will happen tomorrow but today is a wonderful gift from God to us, live it with passion and no regret'. This quote give me a strength to not lose hope in life and i hope you'll feel the same too. 


Wishing all of us a happiness and thank you for reading, feel free to leave a comment ^^