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Thursday 30 April 2020

Goodbye April, Welcome May

Hi everyone.

Tak sangka penghujung bulan April dah pun sampai dan tibanya bulan Mei. Selepas bulan April berakhir, after a weeks I will officially 24years old already. 

Apart from my age, I wanna say goodbye also to my university life as a siswi UPSI. So many memories I created as a siswi from begining to my last year. Sweet, sour, bitter memories will always be remembered.

Bila student life dah berakhir maknanya time to work harder to earn money to pay PTPTN and for living too. To my dearself, welcome to the new age new activities and new to many more. BTW, I hope virus Covid19 will be disappear faster from this world. Amin 

Well, masa PKP ni I feel so bored. Banyak movie yang kataku dulu nak tengok but when the time come nak tengok pun rasa bosan and actually, ada juga kerja perlu disiapkan but my mind can't cooperate with me. But, bosan2 pun nasib ada ML panjangnya Mobile Legend. This ML is my fav game. So far, ML yang paling bertahan dalam list game ku. 

Tak tahu ada yang baca ke tak coretan panjang lebar daripada diri ini so whoever yang baca this blog I wanna wish you a good day. Dream big make it real.

Good luck, see you when i see you. 


Wednesday 29 April 2020

Be good to everyone

Hi hello readers.

Long time no see and I'm back again after several weeks this blog not updated with any content. Btw, today I will talk about 'be good to everyone'.

Be good to everyone is like a phrase for a kind or patient people only because normally as a human it's difficult to be good to everyone. As for me, I admitted that I can't be good to everyone. Sometimes I will act selfish too, I need to help myself first before I can help other. Is selfish bad? Well it up to ourself.

In my opinion, we must be helpful  for ourself first and then family, grandfather/mother, cousin, aunt, uncle, friends, neighbors before doing it for completely stranger. Why? Because they're near us and if we can't do a single good thing for ourself and to them so it is impossible to be helpful to stranger. Before you want to help a stranger please help your family, or friends first. 

'Do good deed not to impress people but coming from our kind heart 💜'

That's all for today.

See you soon byeee