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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

I'M OK by iKON

Hello hello long time no update.

iKON had released new song entitle I'm OK. I'm so excited because they were my happy pills. The mv concept was 'Man in Black Suit' (OMG they look melt my heart) and I can related the lyrics ecspecially Kim Jiwon aka Bobby part~

I don't want to hear any hopeful words. 
I can hardly fall asleep because the reality is too difficult to handle.
I tried to find things that can fill me up, which eventually turns out to be drinks. 
I become indifferent to any situations.
Even though I'm better off by myself, loneliness hits me from time to time. 
Even though I want to do many different things, I become lethargic.
My answer will always be a huge smile if anyone asks how I'm doing.

Well yaa  one of them said (sorry i forgot who) the story tell I'm ok but inside actually not ok. So listen I'm OK by iKON here :

iKON-I'm OK 💗

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